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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> smarter than your average bear. thanks for watching john roberts. good night from washington. "the fox report" with shepard smith is coming up next. >> shepard: this is the fox report. egypt in crisis. more than 600 people dead. the future in dow and america's foreign policy in question. plus, blackmailing miss teen u.s.a. >> i kind of got involved with an online stalker and hacker. >> she says that hacker claimed to have used her web cam to take private photos of her in her bedroom. now the fbi is involved and investigators tell us misteen u.s.a. wasn't the only target. america's wounded warriors forced to travel across a medical campus just to get some food. >> for guys that don't have legs that are, you know,
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new on their prosthetics or in a wheelchair even, that's a long distance to go. >> shepard: after fox news got on the case, word that walter reed is fixing the problem. tonight, the plan to avoid insult to injury. plus, bit coin is is a digital currency that can replace cash. but because it's unregulated and nearly untraceable, people can use it to buy drugs or guns or anything illegal. now, an investigation into the threat of virtual money. >> shepard: but there is breaking news just in. we had no idea this was about to happen. we are told moments from now we will hear from the 16-year-old girl who survived a kidnapping that took her from southern california to idaho. remember, a family friend is said to have killed a mother and son and kidnapped the 16-year-old daughter hannah anderson. the murder and kidnapper shot dead by police. hannah anderson, we are told. will take to the microphone
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any moment to tell the story of her harrowing ordeal. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. first from fox this thursday night a crucial american ally is in turmoil and spiraling out of control. egyptian say more than 600 people are dead in the latest fighting there. and now we know the muslim brotherhood is planning a mass finale tomorrow mass challenge against its government. this was the scene a short while ago. fires on the road. earlier the government officially gave police the go ahead to use deadly force against protesters. these protesters have been burning christian churches and government buildings. and attacking security forces. tonight, all evidence shows this is getting worse, not better. and as fox reports tonight, we cannot know how bad it will get. but, much may destabilize the entire region.
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[gunfireself] >> shepard: this all began in earnest yesterday when riot police were cracking down on protesters, mohammed morsi the muslim brotherhood elected president last year. crackdown. the military staged a coup and booted him from office. within the last day, pro-morsey forces have set fire to churches across the country. dozens of them reportedly. egyptian state tv blames his supporters tore torching two government building across the nile from cairo. on the road that leads to the egyptian pyramids. egypt's second largest city alexandria thousands protesters marched through a mosque chanting support for morsey and the muslim brotherhood. back in cairo hundreds of
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brotherhood members protested outside a mosque. while inside families tried to identify loved ones among the twisted limbs and blood-soaked bodies of the dead. more than 200 bodies there alone. the reality is we have no idea tonight how many corpses lie in egypt streets. how many more may join them before this end. there is no doubt all americans have a vested interest in how this develops. egypt is our most important arab ally. it's also right next door to israel and if egypt falls into civil war, it could effect the decades old peace treatedy with israel. earlier today the white house released a photo of president obama on the phone with his national --urity team disgusting discussing the crisis in egypt. he is condemning the fighting. >> let me say that the egyptian people deserve better than what we he have seen over the last several days. the egyptian people let me
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say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. >> shepard: but again, the president refrained from calling the situation in egypt a coup that's the reason for what it is. if they use the label officially that would force the united states to cancel a bill nafdz in aide that we give the egyptian military each year. that money is our leverage over all of this. the state department said that only washington is continuing to review the aid to egypt. tonight, protesters and police are still killing each other in the streets. wendell goler is live from martha's vineyard tonight. >> shep, the president says both sides in the egyptian conflict have accused the u.s. of supporting the other. he says ultimately the egyptians are going to have to resolve the dispute on their own. >> we want egypt to succeed. we want a peaceful, democratic, prosperous egypt. that's our interest. but, to achieve that, the
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egyptians are going to have to do the work. >> but kentucky senator rand paul, no friend of the muslim brotherhood criticized mr. obama's refusal to cut off aid to the egyptian military. paul said, quote: the law is very clear when a could you takes place coup must stop regardless of the the white house says he didn't govern democratically. some people fine with morsi's ouster question the wisdom of canceling the military exercise. >> i would say chris size them publicly. privately get a real pulls for what's going on in egypt today and see if we can't influence events. >> by any main stay of u.s. egyptian relations since 19 1. it hasn't been held since 2009 because of egypt's political instability. shepard?
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>> wendell goler in massachusetts tonight. attacking some of our nuclear plants could be a peace of cake for the terrorists. that's according to a brand new report, commissioned by the pentagon. in a 32 page paper, experts at the nuclear proliferation prevention project last our federal government for not imposing better security standards. they say we are not prepared for multiple scenarios. everything from an attack on 00 scale of 9/11 to a nuclear meltdown like the one at fukushima in japan. one of the report's authors concludes these nuclear reactors are naked. doug mckelway with the rest of story tonight from d.c. doug? >> and, shep, this report flies in the face of what the nuclear industry says about its own security since 9/11. this industry handout tape shows typical kind of security, nuke have outer security ring controlled and inner security ring marked by double fencing topped with raiser. third layer vital equipment used to shut down react
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torres. then the containment vessel itself. >> the plant is also physically protected with multiple players of steel and concrete. this approach of layered backup systems is tim call of sophisticated nuclear plant engineering, design and operations. >> that industry perspective stands in stark contrast to what university of texas researchers found. >> u.s., civilian nuclear power plant are not protected against attacks from the air. they are not protected against attacks from the sea. they are not protected against rocket-propelled grenades. they are not protected against 50 caliber sniper rifles using armored piercing ammunition. which those are are the greatest threat. >> the industry says its tests show containment vessels can sustain a direct impact from a boeing 767. that contradicts findings by the u.s. national laboratory which found it would breech the containment vessel. so, shep, it boils down to
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who do you trust? >> doug mckelway live in washington. the u.s. military now announcing new steps to crackdown on sexual assaults within its ranks. the pentagon now reports it will allow commanders to transfer troops who ho are suspected of sex crimes to cut down on contact with their victims. this will also create a new program to provide legal representation to the victims and allow victims to have a say during the sentencing phase of a court martial. recent report suggested the number of sexual assaults in our military may have increased by more than one third last year alone. a teenage beauty pageant winner says somebody hacked her bedroom web cam to take photos of her. and now fox news confirms the fbi is investigating. the pageant windsor cassidy wolf. she is from california and over the weekend she became the new miss teen u.s.a. and she says several months ago somebody contacted her claiming to have hacked into her computer to take those web cam photos. the blackmailer threatened
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to release them, she said, unless she paid up. julie bane darr was with this. julie. >> according to the fbi, shep, apparently received these anonymous emails from someone claiming to have nude photos of her. agents have identified, we have been told, more than a dozen victims and cassidy wolf's case and know the alleged source of activity. they are not commenting further due to the ongoing investigation. now, the beauty queen appeared on "fox & friends" this week and she offered some advice to teens, listen. >> i had the same password forever, for years. so now seeing that someone can easily hack into my stuff by downloading an incorrect link. it's very important to change your pass words, cleat your cookers. never know when someone could be watching. >> so wolf is now using her experience to campaign against cyber crime and raise awareness during her reign miss teen u.s.a. >> the latest hacker
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invading personal space. attacking somebody at home. a hacker who used a baby monitor to spy on a little girl in her bedroom and call her bad names. reports earlier this year researchers discovered a flaw in that camera's security setup and the company has since released an update to fix it. stocks tanked on wall street today. ahead, what drove them down and why there was also a bit of good news. plus, the virtual currency that people can use to launder money, buy drugs, carry out all sorts of illegal and legal transactions. it's been around for years. you have heard of it? bit coin. it and other forms of digital money are now attracting a whole lot of attention. seems the irs wants in. we will have the investigation ahead. plus, a live look now on idaho where we are waiting to it hear -- this is san diego, actually. i believe it's idaho, isn't it? my bad, it's san diego. this is the spot where 16-year-old hannah anderson, we're told, is about to come to the
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>> shepard: big sell off on wall street today after executives from both wal-mart and the tech giant cisco suggested earnings would be weaker than first thought. that sent the markets down about a percent and a half. the dow by the end of the session off more than 200. the nasdaq down by 60. the s&p 500 more than 27. despite that we got positive news about the jobs market today with the labor department reporting 15,000 fewer people filed first time claims for jobless benefits last week. bringing the new number of new claims down to its lowest level in almost six years. financial regulators are investigating the use of virtual currencies like bit
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coin. they report criminals are using the form of money for drug smuggling drug running and child pornography. not new information but a new report. tech experts say virtual currencies have grown in popularity in recent years. more folks use them for untraceable, online transactions. >> you can convert your real money to this virtual money. and i think people probably need to remember because i kept thinking about well, what backs it? you know, it's just virtual money. well, what backs real money? just a belief that it has some value. and what's happening very quickly with bit coins is that people are beginning to believe it has value. now we have even a bar that's going to accept bit coins. i think that's probably the benchmark. once you could buy alcohol with money it's real. >> shepard: investigators in new york have subpoenaed almost two dozen companies including one which cammeron and tyler own. the investors claim they came up with the idea for facebook. the u.s. senate committee is now looking into the
4:17 pm
currency as well. peter barnes is investigating for us live tonight in d.c. peter? >> well, shep, as virtual currencies like bit coin become more popular. officials want to make sure that users are protected. it's largely unregulated technology designed to help reduce the cost of buying and selling products by eliminating the middle man. in this case, banks which charge processing fees for transactions. the system is based on trust between buyers and sellers and supposedly secure but many cyber currencies are also backed by exchanges that can convert these bit coins and other things into cash. right now about $98 for one bit coin, for example, but with more than a billion dollars in bit coins floating around cyberspace right now, policy makers are starting to consider regulating them to prevent scams, losses and money. new york's top bank regulator says, quote: if virtual currencies remain a virtual wild west for
4:18 pm
narcotraffickers and other criminals, that would not only threaten our country's national security but also the very existence of the virtual currency industry as a legitimate business enterprise. shep? >> shepard: peter, the senate homeland security and government affairs committee has sent letters to seven government agencies asking those agencies whether officials there are concerned about virtual concern sis and how they might be able to regulate them. we are told the committee may hold some hearings on this issue. michael jackson's ex-wife broke down on the stand today. describing the late pop star's constant pain and his history of controversial doctors. we'll have the latest as jackson concert promoters fight back in a billion-dollar lawsuit. plus, scientists have discovered a new species of animals. and there it is. it's been right under our noses for at least a year and nobody realized this guy is brand new to humans. we'll bring that you story. plus we are are still waiting for hannah
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anderson, the 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped. whose mother and brother were murdered. and who endured a horrible ordeal for about a week. her kidnapping story live from san diego coming when she steps to those microphones presently. when you realize you need to switch to verizon,
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>> shepard: michael jackson's former wife in tears on the stand in court today, testifying that in the 20 years she was close to the king of pop, she never saw any signs that he was doctor shopping. debbie roe also told the jury that the singer was in -- was in debilitating pain for decades. and trusted his doctors to give him the proper amounts of medication. her testimony comes in a lawsuit that michael jackson's mother filed against the concert promoter aeg live.
4:23 pm
the mother is catherine jackson. she claims aeg live failed to properly investigate this doctor conrad murray. you will remember a jury convicted him of giving her son a deadly overdose of the powerful sedative propofol in 2009. aeg live denies it did anything wrong and claims it was jackson himself who hired dr. murray, trace gallagher with the news in los angeles. debbie roe contradicted herself on the stand too. >> yeah, because after saying that michael jackson was never doctor shopping she went on to testify, shep that she was concerned at one time that he might have been looking for drugs and not treatment she then family size they'd was in constant pain from burns that he suffered when his hair caught fire during the philemoning of pepsi commercial in 1984, from his skin lightning disease as well. she testified, quote: when it came to the pain it was more begging for relief than anything. he respected doctors so he wouldn't question what they were doing. roe was called by aeg she
4:24 pm
told the jury she wasn't for either side. the only reason she was there is because she was subpoenaed, shep? >> the ex-wife debbie roe also testified about how michael jackson's death affected her daughter. yeah she confirmed that 15-year-old paris did indeed try to commit suicide. we knew that back in june paris actually cut her arm with a kitchen knife and took some motrin but nobody in the jackson family ever classified it as a suicide attempt. debbie roe said this about how michael jackson's death affected her saying, quote: she is devastated. she tried to kill herself. she is devastated. she has no life. she doesn't feel she has a life anymore. roe also said that years ago michael jackson was devastated after his divorce from lisa marie presley, shep. >> shepard: trace, today marks day 70 of the michael jackson civil trial. 70. the judge told jurors they could expect deliberations in september. well, hasn't happened in 35
4:25 pm
years. but tonight scientists are revealing a really amazing discovery. a new species of mammal in the americas. it's a raccoon size critter with teddy bear looks. that wasn't it. they calling it a boling gito it hangs out in the mountain forest of ecuador and colombia. >> this animal like some animals in the rain forest doesn't come out at night. it's wet. it's dark. it's socked in with cloud. it's hard to find these animals. all they have had to do to visit this guy is washington national zoo. researchers had classified it as a different type of animal. one we already knew about a sister species before final finding out it's unlike anything they have ever seen. first new con advisor species that they have found in the americas in more than three decades. at a different zoo, a lion
4:26 pm
blue the lid off a huge cam when big cat started barking. that's because it was a dog not a lion. a tibet continue mastiff. it happened in china. here is one next to the real look close enough the zoo has been making up all sorts of excuses. better than another trick that they pulled at that zoo. trying to convince folks that a white fox was a snow leopard. not even close. well, it could be a big day tomorrow at the trial of the alleged fort hood shooter. word of a big witness who will be testifying earlier than expected. after another emotional day of testimony today. fox reports from fort hood. plus, word that a stunt man who amazed television viewers around the world last year has now died. coming up, we will remember mark suton as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number.
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4:31 pm
so, other than that, hannah sends her love. she is doing good day by day. and we'll just keep moving forward from here. thank you very much. >> i talked to them by phone. >> how [inaudible] >> we have a lot of expenses in front of us. like i said, i'm not a rich man by any means but, you know, on a the lo of things we will probably end up donating some the money if there is extra to exploited children. and right now we are just looking for her future and get her settled and that's about it for right now. >> come and say thank you to everybody. can you tell us how that went? >> right now she is with her family and of course with some friends. and she is just happy to be here. all right. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> shepard: well, imagine it's impossible to put yourself in that man's shoes. his wife murdered. his son murdered.
4:32 pm
his dog shot and killed. all left bound after being abused in the kidnapper's home. and set afire his 16-year-old daughter kidnapped for days on end by a family friend the family friend found many states away out in the woods with this 16-year-old a gilbert he is said to have some sort of infatuation. police ended up shooting the kidnapper and killing him. hannah anderson there at a restaurant. we saw her go. in local reportedders led us to believe hannah would speak to us then. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub. she has been speaking in the cyber world at least. >> until they took it off line, shep. she was speaking on a twitter format where people would answer questions. for example she was asked
4:33 pm
do you think anyone was looking four you? she responded by saying i thought my mom would be the first person looking for me saying that she didn't know that her mom and her brother had been killed until after she was rescued. and you talk about this news conference, there she is showing up to this bull weefl about 40 miles outside of san diego. the intimation was that she was going to speak they first came out and said yes, she would. first then no she will appear with her dad to. no she is not going to give any statement at all. just her father will come out and speak. it's interesting, shep, because the questions keep mounting here. we learned today from these search warrants that in the hours before she was actually kidnapped by james dimagio they had 13 different connections to their phones. we don't know who exactly called who. but their phones connected on 13 different occasions. we also learned that hannah anderson and james dimagio also took a number of day
4:34 pm
trips together. including up in this area in malibu. so she would have been put under a number of questions as to exactly what happened. she was asked online why didn't you run? and she said well, he would have killed me. and then she was asked if you could say anything to ethan her brother and mom what would you say? she said i'm sorry it ended like that. i wish i could go back in time and risk my life to try and save theirs. i will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them unclear what she meant. she was away from the house burning there. james dimagio came up kidnapped her and took her up to i'd do who he after that she is not answering questions. kind of iffy if she would in the beginning, shep. she is not going to answer questions right now. we don't know if she is going to come out and talk to authorities again about this case at all. shep? >> shepard: the good news is about this hannah anderson is safe tonight and father somehow managing
4:35 pm
to maintain control in an absolutely unthinkable situation. more on hannah anderson as we get it tomorrow could be a crucial day for the future of egypt. that's when the muslim brotherhood has called for millions of supporters to join mass rallies after police moved in to protest camps yesterday and mohammed morsi fought back. more than 600 people reported dead and thousands, as many as 4,000 hurt. a muslim brotherhood spokesman says anger within the group is now quote beyond control. unquote. remember friday marks the traditional day of prayer in the muslim world. that's the day of the week in which we have seen previous arab spring reach fevered pitch today the state department review all forms unquote. including more than a billion dollars. close to a billion and a half in military aid. leland vittert in our middle east newsroom this early friday morning.
4:36 pm
leland. >> effectively the military hunted there in cairo has thumbed its nose not only at president othe state departe interior ministry there in egypt issuing an order today saying they had authorized the use of live ammunition effectively issuing a shoot-to-kill order and anyone threatening the police, the army, or possibly even charging at a government building. that's in response today when muslim brotherhood pro-at the testers overran one government building in a cairo suburb there set fire outside of the place. downtown in cairo. relatively calm. heavy military presence there. as they began the process of burying their dead on both sides. both sides also ramping up their rhetoric. the army bringing back the emergency law, page out of 1980s, 1990s playbook when the muslim brotherhood was outlawed round up members holding them indefinitely without charge and the army is trying to get a handle on the muslim brotherhood leadership. arrest them and hold them to see if that doesn't turn
4:37 pm
down the flame in terms it of the willingness of the brotherhood to take to the streets angrily which they have promised to do. sun up in cairo about five hours from now. noon prayers over in 12 hours. shep? leland, thanks. fox news confirms tonight that investigators in mexico have recorded three more weapons and have recovered them from the failed gun sting known as operation fast and furious. that was meant to follow guns from the united states to mexican drug cartels. the feds did not track some of those weapons. and bandits left two of them at the scene of a shootout during which u.s. border patrol agent brian terry died in the year 2010. official at the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms released a statement about this latest incident. it notes that the atf has mistakes made during fast and furious. and adds regrettably will likely continue to be recovered at future crime scenes. a woman is dead after crashing her car into a
4:38 pm
condo swimming pool and that stops our news across america. >> massachusetts a witness says he was sitting by that pool south of boston when he saw a jeep plow through a fence and land in the water. the guy reportedly jumped in and tried it to pull the driver out from her open window. >> the air bag was pressing up against like i caught -- came on this side. came on the passenger side and just kept yanking and finally she came loose. >> he and the police officer gave the victim cpr but doctors later pronounced her dead at the hospital. no word on what may have caused the crash. minute society, one construction worker died and another got hurt when they fell into a giant hole. investigators say crews had been lowering both men into the pit on a platform when a strap suddenly broke. the workers reportedly fell about 20 to 30 feet to the bottom of the hole. one of them died of head injuries. the other is expected to be okay.
4:39 pm
texas, crews battled a two alarm fire that ripped through an apartment building in houston. nobody got hurt. at last check they were still looking into what caused the fire. california. a graffiti artist painting on a bring wall could fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. the world renowned mystery artist apparently sprayed this work on an la gas station in 2008. officials have since cut the 9 by 8-foot piece out of wall. auctioneers say they will sell it as part of their street art collection. and it's part of a fox watch across america. >> yet another woman has now come forward accusing the san diego mayor, bob filner of sexually harassing her. and she is a great grandmother. that's coming. heese from stouffer's
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>> shepard: a man to it ho tried to stop the confessed fort hood shooter took 12 bullets as he charged the gunman. that came out today in a court martial of major nidal hasan who is charged now with killing 13 soldiers and wounding more than 30 during that massacre four years ago. a medical examiner testified that this victim, the now we know hero specialist frederick green had a dozen bullet holes. ones that were consistent with him running towards the armed kill ir. meantime, we could hear from another hero in this case tomorrow. court officials tell us one of the most sought after witnesses in this entire case will take the stand earlier than expected. we can't confirm hot witness is according to our producer in the courtroom, it's likely one of the police officers who finally took the shooter down. the republican party is apparently regrouping after tough losses. meet in boston and they heard from one of the 2016 presidential con tenders
4:44 pm
the new jersey governor chris christie. carl cameron on that outside the hotel where these meetings are taking place. it is an eclectic bunch. >> hey, shep. well, we were not only outside the building today but also kept outside the room where new jersey governor chris christie gave his remarks. he was the headliner today. as the g.o.p. tries to figure out what course it should take in the future. he says it's time to stop the naval gazing. it shouldn't be a debating society and he wouldn't come before the rnc and call them the stupid party. all of that was seen as veiled swipes at rand paul who suggested the g.o.p. needs a more libertarian approach too esoteric to be practical. the g.o.p. the stupid party for. so things that were said in the 2012 campaign. they also now tried to correct things by hiring 157 staffers who will do minority outreach. trying to reach hispanics and african-american voters. they are updating technology trying to catch up to democrats with a whole host of new software and hardware meant to help them tap big data and find
4:45 pm
more voters. listen to. this the reality is that we're not trying to do what would have won in 2000 12. we're trying to do what will win in 2016. the democrats are out there with their data scientists trying to figure out what might happen next. might not be african-american over 456789 it might be a different thing. >> they don't know where he they should aim. lots more transition and reform before the 2014 mid terms and of course the presidential race of 16, shep. >> shepard: karl, they seem unified on one thing the g.o.p. the party has released not one but three videos attacking another 2016 tannen candidate. the first hillary clinton. a 67-year-old great grandmother is the latest woman who accuse the san diego mayor of sexual harassment. this woman says it happened while she was working for the senior services service disk at city hall. she says he hugged her and kissed her on the lips. >> mayor filner started
4:46 pm
coming by my desk several times a day. he would take my hand and talk about us getting together the next weekend i knew he was engaged and i felt shocked think i would go out with hill. she went home afterwards and cried. one of the mayor's former aides has filed a lawsuit that claims he once put her in what she called the filner head lock and also asked her to work without her underwear. the mayor has apologized for his behavior several days of therapy. he refuses to resign even in the face of at least 14 accusers. police rescued dozens of people trapped in heavy flooding after a powerful storm slammed their city and topped our news around the world in 80 seconds. china, the swamped homes in the southern province. some locals said they had to get up on the roof to
4:47 pm
escape the rising waters. authorities sent some 400 armed officers in several fire trucks to the devastated region. crews used dugout canoes to pull many victims to safety hong kong. airport officials say they have made their biggest ever drug best of a single foreign passenger. cops seized more than 130 pounds of cocaine from a brazilian man's luggage. state media reports officers also caught a woman arriving on the same flight carrying 26 pounds of coke. authorities say they do not believe there is any connection between the two cases. brazil, workers at a zoo in south pal low are treating albino alligator with an could you puncture. the alligator was born are w. abnormal spine led to scoliosis. the caretaker says the weekly needle point therapy is relieving symptoms and improving the gator's mobility. argentina. so world's top tango
4:48 pm
dancers gathering for the international championships in the capital city of buenas air reiss. part of a two week long festival celebrating the history of the argentine dance. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. getting the best back-to-school-on-devices that's powerful. >> had to limp more than half a mile just to get food at walter reid hospital. something they called a slap in the face. so we reported on it and things changed. and we will have that coming up. heck. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music. that's when i decided to switch. now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon.
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a stunt man who made a memorable appearance at last summer's olympics in london has died. you may recall mark suton he parachuted into the opening ceremony dressed as
4:52 pm
james bond alongside another stuntman who was dressed as queen elizabeth. suton was gliding through the apps yesterday wearing a wing suit that let him sail kind of like a bird when he apparently crashed into a rocky ridge. they say he likely died instantly. we got word late this afternoon the u.s. military will reverse recent decisions that would have severely inconvenienced our nation's wounded heros at walter reid medical center in maryland. and the reveal came after foxx fox news reported on complaints from veterans and their families. we were the first to report that earlier this month the pentagon decided to reduce the hours of the outpatient facility's main dining hall and to invalidate troops meal tickets at the warrior cafe as they call it the mother of one triple am pew ty tee staff sergeant is relieved but also appalled at how this decision was handled. >> it breaks my heart to know. now i get back in vietnam where -- war where all the
4:53 pm
guys were coming, men and women were coming home how they sort of feel like i didn't think that it would come to this. >> shepard: here's the thing. the military's initial decision would have forced patients and their family members for that matter and in some cases wheel themselves half a mile to the closest dining facility, a food trailer that wasn't that handicapped accessible. jennifer griffin reported on this and has the follow-up now. jennifer? >> shepard, the warriors and their family were told about the decision in a town hall meeting last thursday when double amputee sergeant arrived at walter reid a year ago the least of his worries, he thought, is how he would be getting his next meal. for the severely housed at walter reid's building 62 their uphill recovery looked a bit steeper last week when the military told them their meal cards would not be valid warrior cafe down the hall. they would have to go across the military campus
4:54 pm
to get their food. >> building 62, i would say it's close to half a mile from building 62 to the nex, which is just right across the road. for guys staff his wife paige here are due to give birth to their first child on monday. they have been at walter reid in more than year.
4:55 pm
paige wrote josh just received the news from squad leader that the warrior cafe will be open again on weekend and meal cards have been reinstated. guys, i cannot express how much we appreciate what you have done. major league baseball called this historic day. word big changes are coming to the game and they could mean a lot less frustration over bad calls the details coming up. ths. done and done. [ dad ] in that driveway, is a german-engineered piece of awesome. that i got for 0% apr. good one, dad. thank you, dalton. [ male announcer ] it's the car you won't stop talking about. ever. hurry in to the volkswagen best. thing. ever.vent. and get 0% apr for 60 months, now until september 3rd. that's the power of german engineering. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts.
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>> shepard: major leak baseball could become like football kind of. mlb officials have decided to add instant replays and managers challenges to the nation's past time. that's according to the commissioner bud selig. he says a few baseball big wigs proposed idea of replays to teen ownership groups. they apparently liked it bud selig called it historic day. the plan includes three managers, challenges her games on all calls except a strike zone. it should go into effect next season pending a final decision in november. hang on, red sox yankee
4:59 pm
games will now last seven hours. updating fox top stories tonight. officials in egypt report more than 600 people have died after a crackdown on supporters of the country's deposed former president yesterday. stocks dropped about 1.5% today following grim corporate outlooks from cisco and wal-mart. just a short time ago we saw a california teenager family and friend kidnapped for the first time since the ordeal. hanna anderson entering a restaurant. her father spoke outside, thanked the public for support. and on this day in 1969, the woodstock music festival opened its gate near be they will new york. promoters booked a number of top acts including jimmy hendrix; things almost fell apart permission to hold the concert a dairy farmer from nearby white lake came to the rescue and let the promoters use the land for the big event. nearly half a million people showed up and the weekend of peace and music began 44 years ago today.
5:00 pm
and now you know the news -- baseball, i have got to think about this thing. my goodness. anyway, that means o'reilly is on the way. so have a great time. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: ♪ ♪ >> are machines taking over the country? the statistics are frightening. millions are becoming addicted to high tech and now technology is actually killing thousands of americans. we will have a special report. >> bill o'reilly has gone back to one of his favorite talking points, attacking the poor. >> bill: once again al sharpton not telling the truth on national television. once and for awesome we will define this guy for what he is.


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